Tribute to Beata Kasale – A Media Icon of Our Times!

The Botswana Movement for Democracy has learnt with utter sadness of the passing away of a media icon of our times; Beata Kasale.  Ausi B, as she was affectionately known, was a champion of truth, openness and transparency, both in social and political life.  We remember her as a self-contained human full of love, happiness and a desire to see Botswana and the world as better place for all humanity. She did not only go through the ranks to be a celebrated media icon; she was a co- founder of the Voice Newspaper, a liberal media house which remains amongst the best selling newspapers of our times.
Ausi B went against all odds in a male dominated media industry, to not only be a celebrated media icon and a co-founder of a powerful media house. She was to employ a lot of young talent, nurturing them to be meaningful contributors to the development of not only this nation but also to be torch bearers, and jealously guard the gains made by our forefathers in the democratic dispensation of our society.
Amongst the many of those who went through her employ, mentoring and nurturing, have left the media fraternity and contribute to nation building and development in many areas of our society. Others continue to sparkle her legacy in the media industry, to ensure that the media be given the appropriate space and freedom. The BMD recognise that this is a difficult moment for all of you and we are with you at this hour, this moment and this period of such a devastating loss to humanity.
Ausi B has been through all the battles to ensure that the media is allowed the space to embark on its true purpose as a fourth estate. Through this journey, she fought laws and regulations threatening liberal democracy and media freedom in Botswana and the world. The laws she fought remain a threat not only to Botswana but the world. We trust that her journey of media emancipation shall continue to be carried forward and the BMD shall be a part of this journey through out.
With her resilient spirit and dedication, amidst the indirect and blanket advertising ban by the Government of Botswana, Ausi B continued to lead the Voice Newspaper to adaptation through a journey of heavy social media presence. Spending little resources at its disposal, the Voice Newspaper continue to reach particularly young and cosmopolitan audiences. These audiences had due to diminishing buying power as a result of both the local and global economy, given up on buying hard copy newspapers.
We at the Botswana Movement for Democracy, and indeed on behalf of the African Liberal Network (ALN) and the Liberal International (LI) send our heartfelt condolences to the family of Beata Kasale, her husband, her children, her grandchildren, staff at Voice Newspaper, the media fraternity as a whole, her friends; locally, regionally and internationally and indeed the nation of Botswana as a whole at this hour that only serenity shall prevail over.
Yours in Liberal Democracy,
Hon. Gilbert Mangole
Secretary General – BMD