DPP undecided on Kgosi prosecution

In an effort to establish progress on the alleged corruption claims against the Director General of the Directorate on Intelligence and Security (DISS), Isaac Kgosi, it appears that the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) is yet to furnish the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) with sufficient information to prosecute.

While DPP told this publication that the DCEC is yet to furnish them with more information on the docket they submitted to the former for it to decide if Kgosi should be prosecuted or not, the DCEC is yet to respond to a questionnaire this publication sent to the Director Rose Seretse’s office two weeks ago.
The DCEC has refused to comment about the developments in the investigations and whether  or not they have in effect prepared any preliminary charge sheet for the DPP to act upon.

While insiders confirmed that DPP Director, Leonard Sechele, has handed in his resignation at the beginning of this month, they also purport that the DCEC may have been strong-armed to delay the investigation hence prosecution in waiting for a preferred new director (name withheld) to be recruited from the Botswana Defense Force.

DPP’s Acting Director, Kabo Leinaeng, confirmed that they have as of December 2014 been forwarded a docket (DOC/IF/2011/01166) in relation to allegations against Kgosi. He however, said the DPP then asked for further investigations in relation to the docket. “The DCEC was in February 2015 requested to carry out further investigations in relation to the docket that the DPP received,” he said.

Leinaeng said not all the clarification sought in the docket the DPP received has been provided stating that only part of the clarification was received in May 2015. He said they have since asked the DCEC to expedite the further investigations required of them.

Leinaeng added that at the moment they are not in a position to tell whether Kgosi will be prosecuted or not. “Just like any other case that the DPP receives for purposes of prosecution, a decision on whether or not to prefer any charges is dependent on the available evidence; whether there is need for further investigations, a decision whether or not to prefer any charges cannot be made unless and until further investigations required are done and completed,” he said, further stating that there is need for further investigations required of the DCEC to be completed first before the DPP can make an informed decision on the matter.

Kgosi made headlines last year when the docket found its way to various media houses who reported on corruption allegations leveled against him and the DCEC interrogations. The case attracted attention and spectators are eagerly waiting to hear if Kgosi will be prosecuted or not. Local media has been reporting about the alleged corruption cases and other alleged questionable financial dealings by the spy chief on at least two occasions.