Head insurance still a major challenge for BoBA

Botswana Boxing Association(BoBA) is still struggling to insure local boxers after International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA) banned headgears in men’s elite boxing last year.
After the AIBA ban, BoBA engaged affiliates and stakeholders last year December where it was concluded  that  because  boxers will be exposed to head injuries, there  was  therefore need for special insurance.

“Attempts were then made by BoBA seeking special insurance from Botswana National Sport Council, but we were told the council can only insure boxers on national team duty,” said BoBA President Michael Moroka in an interview.

Moroka said they then  asked their affiliates to insure their boxers or look for sponsorship but to date  affiliates still have not insured  their boxers as they cannot afford insurance.
Head injuries are  synonymous with  boxing. One of the greatest boxers of all time Muhammed Ali  suffers from Parkinson, a  brain injury he was diagnosed with  30 years ago.  This brain injury is believed by many experts to have been caused from repeated blows to the head.

Meanwhile,  AIBA is unmoved in its decision to ban headgears saying they were scrapped to decrease concussions.  Women’s boxers and young boxers are  however not affected by the ban as AIBA claims that “studies have shown that the risk of concussion is far lower in females, so there is no need for them to cease wearing them.”