As a responsible corporate citizen, we are actively investigating opportunities to contribute towards supporting existing activities and initiating new ones to alleviate the impact and spread of the virus to our clients, our staff, our partners and Batswana, particularly the economy. 

As we navigate this unique situation, we want to communicate with you, our valued stakeholders, the steps Hollard Botswana is taking, further to the P830,000.00 pledged to the Government, to assist in the management of the pandemic. 

Valued Clients:

All Motor policyholders will receive a 15% discount on their premium for the month of May. Policyholders who have already paid their annual premiums will be refunded an equivalent of 15% monthly premium. Please note that this will not be applicable for policyholders who have done their May renewals and were given a discount. We will review this for the month of June, should the lockdown be extended and communicate accordingly. 

For ease of accessing the full benefits of their insurance policy to our valued policy holders we further offer:

  • Cash settlements in the event that repairs cannot be commenced due to the non-availability of spares so as to offer flexibility in ensuring repairs are undertaken timeously. Hollard will offer a free post repair inspection to ensure the satisfactory completion of repairs. 

  • For replacement of lost or stolen all risk items we will be offering immediate cash settlement, up to the limit of the sum insured, to allow flexibility in the repurchase of said personal items. Cover for said stolen or lost items will be suspended until proof of repurchase is provided in order to reinstate cover. 

Premium Relief during the Covid19 period will be given to all Life policy holders, if they are affected by the Covid19 Pandemic. Please note that necessary documentation will be required. 

    • All Funeral claims caused by the Covid19 virus will be paid. 


  • All our valued retail clients will receive the Covid-19 benefit in the event of the death of an Insured Life and being positive to 
the COVID-19 virus at the date of death.
  • Covid-19 benefit has NO waiting period on all funeral claims caused by COVID-19 virus. 

Valued Brokers

We have built our reputation around passion and commitment to creating lasting, relevant partnerships. That’s why we’re dedicated to assisting our valued Brokers weather this storm, in which we will be offering them: 

  • Full commission payments against discounted premiums. 

  • Covid19 bereavement cover of P10,500.00 should they, or any of their employees lose their life due to the corona virus. This 
value will be in place until the end of May 2020. 

  • Cash relief to identified brokers who have been impacted by the Covid19 Pandemic. 

Please also note that we have requested NBFIRA to be flexible and extend credit terms from 45 days to 90 days to ease impact on collection and non-compliance by brokers. We will communicate accordingly once a response has been provided. 

Valued Partners

As a privileged partner to your business, we also understand that limiting any impact this health crisis could have on our service to our clients is imperative. 
For our motor body repairers, we will be offering; 

  • Upfront payment of 75% of the cost of procuring spares for all repairs once the total repair cost is determined following assessment. 

  • Interim payments for work in progress when requested. Our assessing teams will conduct work in progress audits and settle the repairers for the work already done. This will be monitored closely to ensure quality repairs and timeous completion once the lockdown has been lifted and businesses continue to operate. 

  • Immediate settlement of repair jobs where repairs have been completed but the vehicle has not yet been collected by the clients due to clients not having their excesses / co-payment to contribute. 

Valued Hollardites

The heartbeat of our organisation, our valued Hollardites. We are one big Team, made up of real and mindful individuals. As an organisation that falls under essential services, it was extremely important for us to identify ways of operating without putting our valued Team at risk and as such: 

  • Some of our Hollardites have been placed on Covid-19 leave and still receiving full pay. 

  • Some Hollardites are still working from home, and a few working from our offices. We have made sure that 
our valued Hollardites working from the office are always provided with Personal Protective Equipment to minimise any Covid-19 risk to them. 

  • All our valued Hollardites will receive their benefits in the event of the death of an Insured Life and being positive to the COVID-19 virus at the date of death. 

  • Waiting period will be waived on all claims caused by COVID-19 virus. 

We are committed to Ensuring Better Futures for Batswana during this crisis and we remain hopeful that our unrelenting spirit of solidarity and Botho will help bring us all closer; and that by joining together, even though we are apart, we can all help create a better future for ourselves, our families and our communities. 

Let’s all stay safe, mmogo re ka henya bolwetsi jo.

Contact Details:

  • Hollard Insure: claims@hollard.co.bw, (+267) 75 624 454 

  • Hollard Life: customerservice@hollard.co.bw, (+267) 77 797 553 / (+267) 73 652 719