The Botswana Vaccine Institute held a 5 Year Strategy Launch on the 8th December 2021 in Gaborone at Gaborone International Convention Centre.
The 5 year Strategy plan is to position the Botswana Vaccine Institute both locally and regionally to control infectious diseases through the provision of appropriate vaccines. The strategic plan is in line with the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food Security’s strategy and the Government’s reset and Vision 2036. In this manner BVI will be set for growth and sustainability.
The BVI has been relying on Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) for up to 95 percent of the Revenue as their premium offering for the longest time. As one of the two main strategic goals, one named FOUR FOR FORTY will be set to reduce over reliance on FMD and this strategy does not mean BVI will abandon the FMD as there is market expansion plan already put in place for the world.
Second goal is TO BUILD AFRICA’S LARGEST VACCINE BANK, this will help close the gap in times of emergency as vaccine production takes time hence the vaccine bank will help to deliver vaccines for both livestock and humans. The urgency of the Vaccine Bank has been proven by the COVID-19 pandemic as the world cannot wait for vaccine production and roll out.
As a self funded Government Entity BVI intends to create a long-term sustainable institute. With the three keys of strategies being suitable growth and profitability, investment and Innovation, operational effectiveness and efficiency.
In her opening remarks BVI- Board Chairperson Mrs. Mpho Mphafe-Fish said, “Today we are launching our new strategy at a time when Government is prioritizing its reset agenda and insuring that it delivers its election mandate through the office of the Chief of Staff.”
The Chief Of Staff in Office of the President Boyce Sebetlela emphasized that “BVI has done extremely well, they don’t get any fund from the Government although they are 100% owned by Government. A lot of their customers are from Africa and they do have a ready market. They are ready to concur the world and the media through their digital platforms should tell about the knowledge based economy as we are living it through BVI.”