03 partners with BFA


BFA CEO Mr. Mfolo Mfolo launched a partnership with O3 Managing Director Mr. Ali Mohommed this morning at Lekidi.

The relationship is geared at assisting all national teams in their match preparations in camp, and during and after matches.

Mr. Mfolo appreciated the relationship which he said comes at a crucial time when the Women’s team, The Mares have just qualified for a historic African Women’s Cup of Nations to be held in July, in Morocco.

“Water is generally very expensive, therefore this sponsorship helps us mitigate the massive cost that goes into water expenditure for preparations, during and after matches. We could be paying millions but today O3 has come to our rescue. We thank them for this intervention,” Mfolo said.

Mr. Ali Mohommed of O3 said 03 is a local company, 12 years in the market.
“ We are a local company and we have only one country to support.So, we chose the BFA because the vision of the BFA CEO and our vision seem to be aligned. We will not only support you with water, but we will also take a number of your supporters to Morocco to support The Mares,” Mohommed said.

The BFA CEO also used the opportunity to address the media on the recent 72 FIFA Congress held in Doha, Qatar. The Congress declared FIFA to be in a very good financial position today, and urged all associations to do the same with finances.
The other issue that was discussed at 72 FIFA Congress was a rise in conflicts around the world. Mr. Mfolo said the  FIFA President Gianni Infantino urged all world leaders to focus on mediation to end global conflicts.

On the other, Mrs Aucillia Letshwiti, the wife of the BFA President made a donation of P20k worth of t-shirts and trainers to the Senior Women’s Team. Mrs Letshwiti said she is a big supporter of the Team and wished them success in Morocco where she hopes to attend some of their matches in July 2022.
“Only a life lived for others, is a life worthwhile,” Mrs Letshwiti said. The token of appreciation was received by The Mares captain and Coach respectively.