10 Undergo Table Tennis Umpiring Standards Course

  • Can officiate local and int’l matches henceforward


In collaboration with the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), Botswana Table Tennis Association (BTTA) conducted a three-day Basic Umpires Course at the Botswana National Youth Centre (BNYC) from 26 August 26 to 28 August.

The course was led by ITTF-accredited Kealeboga Keitseng, who is a distinguished expert in table tennis officiating.

It included a cohesive blend of theoretical insights and hands-on practice, aimed at imparting a comprehensive understanding of the rules, regulations and responsibilities of umpiring competitive table tennis matches on participants.

According to a press statement from BTTA, the prime objective of the course was to bolster the capacity of the participants to effectively officiate table tennis encounters.


“Keitseng generously shared his wealth of expertise and experiences, ensuring that the participants gleaned invaluable insights and proficiencies necessary to officiate table tennis matches with finesse,” says the press statement.

Eager to refine their umpiring acumen, 10 enthusiastic participants had enrolled on the course. Over three days, they engaged in a multifaceted approach that included interactive lectures, meticulous video analysis, and immersive on-court practice sessions.

This comprehensive methodology was designed to empower the participants to translate their theoretical understanding into real-world scenarios, thus fostering an enriched and all-encompassing learning journey.

Astute umpires

According to the statement, BTTA, considered the course as a beacon of commitment to promoting fairness, integrity, quality and a pioneering endeavour to elevate the standards of umpiring in Botswana.

“Proficient and astute umpires stand as pillars in guaranteeing equitable competition, safeguarding the essence of the sport, and nurturing a superlative experience for both players and spectators,” it says.

It adds that BTTA firmly believes that because they are now armed with refined expertise, the participants possess the potential to amplify table tennis locally and elevate their umpiring careers on a broader canvas in Botswana and on the international stage.

Vibrant environment 

“The newly acquired proficiencies are anticipated to be actively harnessed in orchestrating local and regional tournaments, thereby championing equitable rivalry and kindling the aspirations of budding generations of table tennis officials,” it says.

“The knowledge and competencies garnered by the participants are poised to indubitably contribute to the expansion and triumph of table tennis within the nation, fostering a vibrant and engaging environment that resonates with athletes and enthusiasts alike.”