BAA allegedly delays Rio Olympics incentives


As skeletons continue to tumble out of Botswana Athletics Association’s closet, it has been alleged that  the association is the reason behind the delay for athletes’ incentives. Information reaching this publication indicates that athletes are frustrated on how the association is dealing with them when it comes to issues regarding payments especially on team performances events (relay).
This publication can confirm that pledges which were made by Choppies as incentives for the Rio Olympic games have been fulfilled as the Botswana National Olympic Committee (BNOC)  received the packages. The unconfirmed reports speculate that on several occasions athletes have been struggling to get payments after various competitions.
An insider at BAA told Gazette Sport that poor administration haunts the association, as they have been hit by various financial scandals particularly affecting money. The source cited that when it comes to paying athletes after team performances like relay team, the association drags there feet and to some extent fail to pay reserve athletes claiming they were not part of the team.
“This shameful behavior is greed and will bring nothing but divide the athletes. We are aware that a relay team consist of 6 athletes, 2 being reserves, it came as a shocking surprise when all athletes were paid expect one reserve” sources revealed.  The insider further expressed his disappointment saying that the team that won Gold at the African Senior Championships held in Durban in June has not been paid their P25 000.
“Things got complicated as the reserve side of the team foundout that 400m sprinters who were fit for the race got sidelined as reserves and the 800m runners took their place,” he said. The reason why there is a delay in Olympic incentives is that athletes are frustrated and they want to understand the policy of relay team incentives.
Speaking to this publication, the secretary general of the association, Legojane Kebaitse   told Gazette Sport that the Doha relay was an exclusive relay and it consisted of only five athletes and they have all been paid.  When asked about  the Africans senior championships relay allegations; “I cannot comment on those allegations as I will have to reflect back with the team manager for the championship.”
He also told said that some incidents are at operational level and they are fragile but the association will look into them. Legojane stated that they cannot comment on allegations that the association is the one delaying athletes Olympic payoffs, adding that six athletes were “registered for the relay therefore I think the money will be divided into six including reserves.”
The Communications and Marketing Manager for BNOC Lame Ramokate acknowledged to have received pledges from Choppies. “The money was transferred to BNOC to pay the athletes and officials. To incise the incentives, Choppies has stretched its hand by providing bonus for excellent performance displayed by athletes” she said. Ramokate confirmed that all recipients have been paid except the relay team but could not comment further on what could be the reason behind the delay of payments.


Karabo Sibanda – 400m Finals
P75 000
P25 000 Bonus for excellent performance
Total:P100 000
4x400m Relay Team – Finals
P75 000
P25 000 Bonus for excellent performance
Total:P100 000.00
BNOC Officials
Head Coach – P5 000
Assistant Coach-P5 000
Team Administrator- P5 000
Team Manager – P5 000
Chef de Mission –P5 000
Psychologist – P5 000
Physiotherapist –P5 000
Attaché –P5 000
Sport Therapist -P5 000
Total- P45 000
Grand total-P245 000
The money was transferred to BNOC to pay the athletes and officials.