Bakwadi Tasked to Save Sinking Ship at BOKA

  • Bathai and his committee ousted in abstentia
  • Bathai ordered to hand over BOKA books and assets


Botswana Karate Association (BOKA) affiliates have welcomed the decision to appoint Shi-han Mpho Bakwadi as the interim president of the association after Tshepo Bathai and his committee were ousted at a Special General Meeting that was held in Gaborone at the weekend.

The meeting was called by the BOKA general membership on the strength article 15.3 of the constitution that states that two thirds of affiliates may call a special general meeting.


Ousted in absentia
The weekend meeting was attended by over six affiliates, among them Botswana Kofukan, Botswana Hayashi Ha, JKA Botswana, ISKF Botswana, Ryu Shinkan Botswana and Botswana Shito ryu Federation.

The decision was made in the absence of the ousted Bathai-led executive committee that decided not to show up despite having been invited. The affiliates’ reasons for removing the Bathai committee from office was that Bathai was failing to lead BOKA to greater heights after promising to do so when he got into office.

Another grievance is that the financials of the association have been pending since June 11 after they failed to present them to members during a special general meeting.


Bakwadi nominated
Shihan Bakwadi was nominated by members present to assume the BOKA presidency after they concurred that he has what it takes to turn the situation around and save the sinking ship. He was tasked with ensuring that the ousted committee hand over all BOKA assets and records.

A letter written to Bathai by the interim committee calls on him do a proper handover and return six TV sets, 16 tablets, a BOKA chequebook and a BOKA purchase order book that are believed to be in his possession.

Bakwadi has served as vice president and president of BOKA before and is one of Botswana’s highly qualified referees in accordance with World Karate Federation (WKF) standards.


When accepting his nomination, Shi Han Bakwadi said he is going to work hard to resurrect BOKA and make sure that all affiliates and athletes regain trust in his office. “Transparency is key and its high time BOKA’s image is fixed and everyone is held accountable in everything they do,” he said.

“What is more important are the operations and running of the association by capable people who have the interest of the sport at heart in order to develop and implement policies that will benefit all stakeholders within BOKA.”

Othusitse Dick, Union Kgafela, Bose Caiphus, Keorapetse Dube and Ellien Alberts are other people who completed the interim committee which will lead BOKA until its next annual general meeting