BFA defers To CAF On Infantino Proposal

Says will give its position thereafter


Botswana Football Association (BFA) will only comment on International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) president Gianni Infantino’s proposal to Confederation of African Football (CAF) that the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) be held every four years after CAF has assessed the situation, BFA mouthpiece Tumo Mpatane has said.

Infantino made the proposal during a CAF seminar that was held in Rabat, Morocco over the weekend where he suggested the AFCON change from its current two-year cycle.
“I propose to organise the Africa Cup of Nations every four years rather than two years,” BBC Sport quoted the FIFA president as saying. “The CAN (Africa Cup of Nations) generates 20 times less than the Euros. Having a CAN every two years, is that good at the commercial level? Has this developed the infrastructure? Think about spending it every four years.”

Approached for comment on FIFA’s proposal, the BFA’s Mpatane responded: “I believe CAF will make an assessment as they always do with similar proposals. They will take a decision which they think suits African football best. Thereafter we will say what best suits us as a nation that is still developing in football.”

He said BFA would take anything that they believe would take local football forward. “But it is best for us to wait for CAF to make the assessment first and that is when we can have a clear comment,” he added.

The next AFCON is scheduled for Cameroon in 2021 where it will revert to its original placing of January and February after the hosts said the June/July period was unsuitable due to “unfavourable” weather in the central west African country at that time of year. the tournament was held in Egypt in June and July for the first time and was expanded to 24 teams last year. It saw Algeria emerge the champions after they defeated Senegal 1-0 in final.