BFA Leadership Intervenes As Deputy Sheriff Almost Attaches Property

  • Sheriff  had not been informed of the amicable agreement with Pulah Sports liquidator
  • BFA denies that their property has been attached
  • BFA and Pulah Sports Liquidator have agreed on a payment plan – BFA source


The Botswana Football Association recently prevented an assigned Deputy Sheriff from attaching their property last week. Reports reaching this publication had speculated that Pulah Sports Marketing Liquidator John Stevens had sought the services of a sheriff to attach the company’s valuable assets such as furniture, cars and electronic devices as the liquidator seeks the P2.5 million payment owed to Pulah Sports.
The association, through an undisclosed source, has revealed to Gazette Sport that indeed a deputy sheriff came knocking but that could only be attributed to a communication breakdown as the sheriff had not been informed of an amicable agreement reached days before his arrival.
Rumours circulated that the property at BFA had already been attached but the BFA source has refuted the claims as he stated that they informed the sheriff about the payment plan that has been reached and he understood the situation and left.
“It is true that the sheriff paid us a visit but we could not understand why he had arrived only days after our agreement, we later found out that he had not yet been informed about the payment plan. The discussion never got to a point whereby our property was attached. The new administration found this debt and they have owned up to it, they have never denied this,” the source stated.
Pulah Sports were the consultants for the BFA and the BPL during sponsorship negotiations in 2011 at Tuli Block, after helping the local sports bodies to seal a P24 million league sponsorship renewal contract they were contractually entitled to 12.5 percent of the money (approximately P3 million) but they only received P500 000, leaving the aforementioned P2.5 million deficit.
The company then filed for provisional liquidation at the High Court, this was granted and they are now operation under the name Pulah Sports Marketing In Liquidation. The BFA does not deal directly with the former PSM directors, they now deal with the liquidator who got a default judgement against the BFA after taking them to court. The association has maintained that they are working hand in hand with the liquidator to pay the full debt in instalments.