BFA Praised For Mares Turkey Camp

  • Football analysts agree on rigorous preps for Mares ahead of WAFCON
  • The Mares to tackle Belarus, Slovenia and possibly Russia in int’l friendlies
  • Will participate in Antalya Cup that will run from 18 Feb to 2 March


The Botswana Football Association (BFA) has drawn widespread praise for its proactive approach in preparing the senior women’s national team, The Mares, for the upcoming TotalEnergies CAF Women’s Africa Cup of Nations (WAFCON) tournament that is slated for Morocco later this year.

A recent BFA announcement revealed that starting from Wednesday 14 February, The Mares would go into a training camp in Gaborone before jetting off to Turkey on 18 February that will end on 1st March.

This maiden international training camp, will see the team engage in rigorous preparation ahead of the prestigious tournament.

Belarus in the mix 

During their time in Turkey, The Mares are set to lock horns with formidable opponents in international friendlies against Belarus, Slovenia and possibly Russia or Azerbaijan.

Furthermore, the BFA disclosed that The Mares will partake in the 2024 Antalya Cup, running from 18 February to 2nd March.

Coinciding with FIFA Day, this tournament will feature four competitive teams from Thailand, Russia, Belarus and The Mares, each eager to showcase their prowess on the international stage.

Despite Botswana’s current FIFA ranking of 153rd, the team’s participation in such esteemed competitions underscores their determination and ambition to excel on the global football scene.

Elite tournaments

Local football analysts have lauded the BFA’s strategic initiatives, emphasising the pivotal role of thorough preparation for achieving success in elite tournaments.

Speaking in a telephone interview, City Keagakwa stressed the significance of comprehensive preparation, drawing parallels with The Mares’ previous training camp in Slovakia where the team ended up doing well in the last edition of WAFCON.

He commended the BFA decision for The Mares to conduct training camps in Turkey, highlighting the benefits of exposure to top-tier facilities and potential scouting opportunities for the players.

Camps in the US likely

“I have also gathered that they may also go into training camps in the USA and Saudi Arabia as the year goes on,” he said. “This is going to be continuous, which is indeed a great thing.”

Jimmy George echoed similar sentiments and called for more intensive training camps to elevate the competitiveness of Botswana’s women footballers. “It is commendable what the Association is doing,” he said.

Although brief, his commentary sums up the consensus among analysts regarding the importance of such initiatives in nurturing talent and enhancing the team’s capabilities on the international stage.


The Mares’ qualification for consecutive WAFCON tournaments in Morocco last year marked a historic milestone for Botswana women’s football.

As anticipation for the forthcoming competition whose dates are yet to be finalised grows, the BFA’s proactive measures underscore unwavering commitment to empowering and uplifting women’s football in Botswana.