BFA Suspends all Football Activities Amid Coronavirus Situation

The Botswana Football Association has officially suspended all football activities with immediate effect, the announcement of the temporary suspension of football activities was released on Monday. The Premier League, First Dvision leagues, Women’s Football leagues and regional activities will be temporarily halted until April 10.

“The Emergency Committee of Botswana Football Association held a meeting on 12 March to discuss and assess the situation relating to the Coronavirus (COVID 19). Coronavirus has been declared a pandemic by World Health Organization and therefore, the Assocation has taken a decision to temporarily suspend all football activities until April 10, 2020. The decision has been necessitated by the need to mitigate the risk of infection. This decision will be kept under constant review. The health and well being of our players, supporters and stakeholders and those involved in the operation of the football matches is at utmost importance,” a statement from the BFA’s Secretary General Mfolo E. Mfolo reads.