BMS president condemns lack of professionalism


The Botswana Motor Sport (BMS) president Simon Modisane pointed out his disappointment in local spinning clubs, sighting an incident that nearly ruined what was anticipated to be  an epic show. Modisane emphasized that his association disapproves any form of cheating and any unfair practices.
The well attended BMS round five show turned sour at the end when the Spin City club president Joseph Khengere decided to disqualify local spinner Omphile Nthore.
The championship was contested by five local spinners, when the results were revealed there was a tie between Mothusi Alfred “king joe” and Omphile Nthore “Altezza boy” and the judges had to call upon spinners to compete in a stunt that was meant to be a tie breaker. Thereafter when results were announced it came as a shock when the club president intentionally omitted Altezaa boy when announcing the results.
When asked why he omitted  Nthore’s results, Khengere said, “this guy is not serious. he does not attend any meetings and he just shows up at the shows so he is not in the championship I take it that he just came to entertain”. Modisane confirmed with Gazette Sport that the reasons given by Khengere were shocking and as BMS president he will use his power and authority to take the matter to the BMS office to be discussed further.
Unconfirmed information reaching this publication suggests that Khengere has a personal vendetta against spinner, he decided at his own capacity to sweep Nthore’s results under the carpet. Gazette Sport interviewed judges Koziba and Colonel Majama about the incident and confirmed that indeed the results announced by Khengere were totally different from what was in the envelope.
When reached for comment, the sidelined spinner exclusively told Gazette Sport that he is disappointed and will contest the results, “I took all necessary precautions before the event, I have the license and valid insurance to all rules and regulations set by BMS, the question is if I was not contesting for championship they why was I tied at position 2? Why did I have to participate in a certain stunt for tie breaker,” he said.
Furthermore, the clerk of course (COC) for the event Odireleng Mmolai also gave his confirmation that he registered 5 spinners and with his evidence it shows that indeed Nthore was contesting for championship. Conclusions drawn up at the event was that the results published by the judges will be issued to the press.
Besides all the negative results the Brining back the legends event was very much organized, the Brand manager of spin city  Morongwa Mmutle catered all age groups with non-stop  entertainment that was on point. Spinning followers where treated with a tyre scratching fiesta by the international guest spinners such as Eddie raster and team show-stoppers.