BNSC slams BMS VP with 5 years suspension


Information reaching this publication indicates that the Botswana Motor Sport (BMS) vice president David Mashonja has been served with a five year suspension effective 28’th September 2016, signed by the Botswana National Sport Commission Chief Executive OfficerFalcon Sedimo on what is believed to be very unclear and controversial internal matters from BMS office. The tag of war between the BMS president Simon Modisane and his vice president which has been ongoing for quite some time has turned sour and complex hence living the BMS office in shuttered pieces.
The recent who said what fiasco about the BMS AGM which was full of drama and miscommunication has ignited to the suspension of the VP. Reports reaching this publication state that the BMS president gave false hope and untrue information about the long awaited AGM as he wanted the designated stakeholders to be told that the AGM was to take place even though in actual fact reality indicated otherwise.
A very close source from BMS who has first hand information about the suspension incident told Gazette Sport that the decision to suspend David was totally out of the blue and very questionable “David has been the pillar of Motor sport, he has passionately sacrificed his time and resources to develop this sport. I think the decision to suspend him was based on petty issues looking at the fact that there was no sign of AGM but still Mr president Simon emphasized on telling various clubs that AGM was there.
All what David did was to tell clubs’ executive that there was no AGM and hence they should not travel from their designated areas as far as Francistown to a No-Show meeting a day before the AGM was scheduled to be held and by so doing this has resulted in David’s suspension”. The source further disclosed the greediness of the letter as it states that David is suspended from participating in all sporting codes affiliated to the BNSC.
“various clubs from spinning, riders and motorists have been hit hard by the news and one thing for sure is that we are going to advice David to appeal this matter because he has been a pillar in all local and even international motor sport events,” said one source who opted to remain anonymous to protect identity.
When reached for comment David, confirmed reports of his suspension “speculation about my suspension are true, I received my letter last week Wednesday but unfortunately for now thats all I can disclosed,” he said. Efforts of Gazette Sport to reach both Sedimo and Simon for comments above the matter failed as their  mobiles where unanswered.