BoBA, SANABO join forces in bilateral agreement

Botswana Boxing Association (BOBA) and South African National Boxing Organization (SANABO) have signed a Bilateral Agreement which is aimed at working together to promote open boxing with the special focus on development and strengthening of institutional structures with regards to youth development and development of women in Boxing.

The agreement includes conducting more competitions and regular training opportunities between the two parties measured by continuing success in international tournaments.

Speaking at the official signing of the agreement held in Gaborone over the weekend, BOBA president Dr. Moses Patlakwe could not hide his optimistic views and delight over the partnership.

”This agreement makes me optimistic, I know we can do so much more to help BOBA and SANABO boxers fulfill their potential. We could utilize BoBA and SANABO’s experience and funding and also combine our resources to deliver bang for the buck,” said the BoBA leader. Patlakwe also cited that both parties will have to be creative enough in how they make use of this agreement.

He further noted that both parties are aware of the formidable challenges that come with building more active boxing sport nations and arguably the biggest they face in bringing the boxers to winning medals at major games hence this strategy would provide the missing piece of the jigsaw.

For his part the SANABO president Andile Mofu also expressed his glee over the twinning agreement that will ensure Open Boxing Development in the two countries taking stride. “We need to put plans afoot to raise the standard of boxing in time to launch a stronger challenge at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games and the 2020 Olympic Games,” said Mofu.

In addition Mofu reputed the possibility of South Africa hosting the 2022 Commonwealth Games, the two countries will have to start with the preparations so as to be able to showcase their boxing talent to the rest of the world. “The principal purpose of this initiative is to direct our attention and endeavors towards the achievement of not merely commendable, but spectacular performances at the 2016 Olympic Games and beyond, dismal performance must now be relegated to our history” Mpofu highlighted.

In his final say Mofu remained hopeful the agreement will yield positive results that will see both nations’ flags being hoisted in all boxing competitions. The bilateral agreement would also allow SANABO and BoBA to develop clear pathways for coaching development.

In regards to the empowerment and development of women in boxing the conformity is set to develop an advocacy plan for women’s boxing by organizing women seminars as per annual plans that will encourage female participation as well as provide opportunities for more international competition for women.
In terms of financial implications during training programs and training camps both federations’ principle understanding is that the hosting country shall cover local accommodation, meals and ground transport for the agreed number and period at reasonable costs while the other costs will be covered by the visiting country.

The Botswana National Sports Council administration officer Nonofo Letshwenyo pledged her support over the agreement on behalf of the sports council and challenged other affiliates to take a similar leap in terms of improving the standards of sports in the country.

Letshwenyo closed by urging executives members from both federations to maintain good leadership and accountability in such an agreement in order for initiatives put in place to yield positive results.