BoBA targeting Gold for 2028

New strategy set and aligned to BNSC 2028 mandate


The Botswana Boxing Association (BoBA) have adopted a new strategy which will focus on targeting at least one gold medal at the 2028 Olympics. Boxing is no doubt one of the biggest codes in the country, but in recent years the sport has failed to produce results that once saw Botswana boxing as a power house in the region. BoBA has also been criticized for failing to bring up big named boxers such as Master Luza and Khumiso Ikgopoleng (in mention of only a few) from the previous generation.
However in a bid to change that, the local boxing association have embarked on a new strategy that will set sights on naturing young talent with an aim of making it big at the 2028 Olympics. BoBA Public Relations Officer (PRO) Taolo Tlouetsile told this publication that they recently engaged in meeting where they reviewed their old strategy to align it with that of local sports mother body the Botswana National Sports Commission (BNSC).
“We recently held a strategic workshop which crafted way forward to 2028. As you might be aware BNSC set a target of 5 Gold medals for the 2028 Olympics, as boxing we agreed that if everything goes to our plans we will win 1 gold medal,” revealed the PRO. He added that the new plan will mean BoBA dominating the region and giving more boxers international exposure before eventually concurring the world in 2028. “The first way to 2028 is to dominate Zone 4, have more boxers competing at African championship, and even compete for international tournaments like world championship and youth tournaments,” he added.
“Our Sport Development Officer Healer Modiradilo managed to resuscitate the out of school camps, Re Ba Bona Ha centers in Ghanzi and Lobatse are up and running. We are planning to expand the ‘Re Ba Bona ha to other areas,” further state Tlouetsile. Quizzed on issues of finance which has often been a decry for many sporting associations he said.
“We are seriously working tirelessly to first create a product that is appealing to sponsors. We are in talks with a number of companies. Our plan is to reduce dependency on BNOC and BNSC grants and get more partnerships with the corporate sector. Francistown BDF Boxing Club hosted a Interclub tournament at BOCCIM trade fair. We also need media to inform our valued customers and potential sponsors about our program,” he answered.
In conclusion he revealed that they are currently in talks with tertiary sports association BOTESSA over hosting tournaments in their calendar of events. “BISA preliminaries and elimination will commence next weekend. We are in talks with BOTESSA to host a boxing tournament within their sports calender,” finished the PRO.