BOKA’s ousted Committee succumbs to Pressure to hand over Office

Writes to interim committee for the purpose

Gazette Reporter

The ousted executive committee of Botswana Karate Association (BOKA) is considering officially handing over the office to the newly elected committee after pressure from the general membership persisted.

The Tshepo Bathai-led committee was removed through a motion of no confidence in September amid allegations of incompetence and corruption.


The ousted committee was replaced by the interim leadership led by Shihan Mpho Bakwadi. However, handing over is yet to take place because until now the ousted committee held that its removal was unconstitutional.

The interim committee was recently shocked when a letter bearing BOKA letterheads was sent to clubs inviting them to an Ordinary General Meeting (OGM). The letter was signed by ousted Secretary General, Karabo Samuel. However, the meeting did not go ahead as planned because those who turned up did not form a quorum.

The ousted committee has now decided to hand over the office and has approached Shihan Bakwadi about an official meeting for the purpose. “The deadline for submissions of delegates and candidates was today at 5pm,” Samuel said. “I therefore regret to inform you that the submissions do not allow us to continue with the OGM.

“In my view, the membership has spoken directly or indirectly that it is the interim committee that they endorse or support. Otherwise they would have submitted. We just have to find time to handover whatever might be in our possession, so I submit.”


Deaf ear
He was also seconded by other members of the ousted committee. “The people have spoken and we can’t turn a deaf ear to that and embarrass ourselves more,” Samuel added. “If we want to meet, which we failed to do in a long time to try arrest the situation, we can do that online. We can’t change people’s viewpoint if they are not willing to listen and even worse, when those who actually voted for you are not supportive anymore.”

For his part, interim president, Bakwadi told Gazette Sports that he is worried that such internal strife is tarnishing the image of BOKA and chases potential sponsors away. “It is really frustrating when you try to redeem the association before the eyes of stakeholders but things don’t go as they are supposed to,” he said.


“Our mandate is to rebuild BOKA and take it to where it used to be. I am adamant that they will hand over the office because we are already running behind the schedule.”
Article 15.3 of BOKA constitution states: “No member shall be allowed to stand for elections for any position if he or she did not hand over the office that he/she previously occupied at BOKA.”