Botswana Cricket Teams Hoping To Blaze A Trail At Int’l Tournaments

The men are in neighbouring SA for the Africa Cricket Association (ACA) Men’s T20 Cup Finals, the women in Uganda for the International Cricket Association (ICC) Africa Division1 Women’s T20i World Cup Qualifiers


The Botswana men’s and women’s cricket teams are currently vying for glory in international competitions.

The men’s team is in South Africa to showcase their skills in the Africa Cricket Association (ACA) Men’s T20 Cup Finals.

Having emerged unbeaten and triumphant in the South and Central Regional qualifiers earlier this year, Botswana’s cricket enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating their team’s good performance.


Before commencement of the 8-team finals, Botswana engaged in three practice matches in Pretoria against local sides on 8 and 9 December.

The tournament in South Africa, scheduled from 11 to 19 December 2023, sees teams such as Botswana, Kenya, Sierra Leone and Uganda competing in Group B, while Group A features Mozambique, Malawi, and Rwanda.

The Botswana Cricket Association (BCA) has expressed its gratitude to stakeholders, including the Botswana National Sports Commission and support personnel.

Tough competition 

In a statement, BCA has acknowledged the pivotal role of partners and their unwavering encouragement, emphasising their collective commitment to promoting and growing the game of cricket.

Simultaneously, the Botswana Women’s cricket team, affectionately known as the Herons, is away in Uganda for the International Cricket Association (ICC) Africa Division1 Women’s T20i World Cup Qualifiers.

Securing their spot through qualification in the Division 2 tournament hosted by BCA in September, the Herons face tough competition in this 8-team event.

Global qualifiers next year

Divided into Groups A and B, the participating teams are Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Botswana, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda and the host nation, Uganda.

The top two teams from each group will advance to the semi-finals, with the finalists earning the opportunity to participate in the global qualifiers next year. At the time of going to press yesterday, Botswana had lost its first encounter to Tanzania.

As both the men’s and women’s teams vie for success on foreign soil, Botswana’s cricket community remains united in its support, hopeful for a triumphant outing at these tourneys.