BPL, BFA Make Special Deal To Install Jagdish Shah

  • Appointment of Shah initially violated BFA constitution
  • New agreement sees Shah appointed chairman for the remainder of the season


The Botswana Premier League and the Botswana Football Association convened to reach a compromise on the appointment of Township Rollers president Jagdish Shah as the BPL chairman. Shah’s appointment initially violated Article 12.5.2 of the BFA Constitution which states that the BPL board should be made up of 16 club chairmen and headed by one of the club chairmen.
Shah was elected on Saturday 17 February during a board meeting but the BPL decided to keep the announcement under wraps while waiting to approach the BFA for a special arrangement. Those who attended the board meeting were sworn to secrecy as Gazette Sport tried to get answers that particular February weekend without any luck.
The complexity of the matter was that Shah is not a club chairman, but rather a president and that violated the already mentioned article of the constitution. As is stood, Shah did not qualify for the post.  The next natural step was for the BPL to approach the mother body, BFA, to request for special permission to allow Shah to assume the role to comply with the constitution.
It appears that the agreement that was reached will allow Shah to be the chairman of the BPL Board of Governors for the remainder of the season while the appointment of a permanent successor will be done before the start of next season according to the BPL.
“The appointment of Mr. Shah comes after consultations with relevant stakeholders, especially the mother body (BFA) as well as Township Rollers Football Club, to ensure that Mr. Shah’s appointment is regularized and is in conformity with the BFA Constitution,” a communique from BPL stated, further supporting the notion that a special agreement was reached to adhere to the constitution.
This past Saturday the BPL formally announced Shah as their new chairman accompanied by the above statement.