BPL DC, Rollers At Odds Over Mogorosi Suspension

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  • Rollers believe that the suspension is over as he was fit for the last three games in December
  • DC adamant that the suspension should be in effect from January
  • Rollers asked to present medical report to support their case


Township Rollers and the Botswana Premier League Disciplinary Committee (DC) are currently at odds over the suspension of Joel Mogorosi. The main bone of contention is the timing of the suspension as Rollers believe that Mogorosi was fit to play the last four games of the year in December therefore declaring his suspension over and making him available for the next game in their eyes, in contrast to Rollers’ stance the DC has recommended that Mogorosi’s suspension will start when the BTC Premiership resumes.

Gazette Sport has been informed that Rollers have not appealed the player’s ban but they believe that the suspension ended last year in December as they believed that he had been available for selection for games against BDF XI (Mascom Top 8), Sankoyo Bush Bucks and Extension Gunners.
Rollers were reportedly called for a meeting to be informed of the three game suspension before the DC made their decision public. The BPL DC then released a statement on December 19 confirming the three game suspension of Mogorosi and a P5000 fine for the player following his remarks about Sharps Shooting Stars on his Facebook page. The statement came two days after Rollers’ league game against Gunners.
Rollers were instructed to provide a medical report to support their case, the doctor’s recommendation would back up Rollers’ claims. However, a source from the BPL stated that Rollers submitted the doctor’s report around the 20th of December, meaning that they could struggle to sway the case in their favour because the ban was announced on December 19 and in line with the DC’s recommendation for the suspension to start with Rollers’ next game against Miscellaneous.
Despite Rollers’ position, it appears the BPL DC will instil a retrospective ban as soon as the medical report declares him fit. This could mean that Mogorosi would miss league games against Miscellaneous and UF Santos as well as the first leg of the Mascom Top 8 on January 24.