Clubs decry prize money delay

  • Clubs were scheduled to receive prize money on the day of BTC Premiership awards, which have since been postponed
  • Clubs given no access to sponsor to air their grievances


Reports reaching Gazette Sport suggest that all league clubs are still awaiting the arrival of their end of season prize money. This has reportedly put a strain on some clubs who are not as financially stable as their more illustrious counterparts.
Most clubs in the league rely on gate takings (if the attendance is satisfactory) and monthly grants to make ends meet, the current wait has seen them anxious and aggrieved according to reports. Payments of players’ wages and pre-season preparations will be on hold while the clubs await the arrival of the prize money.
Last year clubs struggled financially as the Botswana Premier League struggled to pay them monthly grants on time, this season the BPL upped their game by ensuring that there was no repeat of the monthly grants delay.
Clubs were scheduled to receive their end of season prize money last week Friday, on the day of the BTC Premiership Awards, the postponement of the event has seen the teams wondering when they will receive their due prize money.
“Its a universal practice around the world to disburse prize money in the first seven to 14 days after the season has ended but we are now running out of patience. Clubs are struggling to make signings, to pay players and to even pay registration fees when signing players. The release of prize money should not, in any way, depend on the date of the awards, there are rumours circulating that the awards might take place in July, that would be way too long for us to survive. We are not even allowed any access to the sponsor to air our grievances, our path is blocked, if we had direct communication with the sponsor maybe things would have been easier,” said one aggrieved club official.
Despite the concerns, other club officials informed this publication that the league sponsor notified them that the prize money will be paid “very soon”. Reached for comment, BPL Chief Executive Officer Thabo ‘Styles’ Ntshinogang confirmed that they have made a plea to BTC to release the prize money.
“We are currently in discussions with BTC to process the payments, we have held positive talks and we are hopeful that this will be resolved soon. The awards have been postponed, but the prize money might be paid soon if the talks are successful,” Ntshinogang told Gazette Sport.