Clubs finally paid prize money

  • Clubs reportedly owed mobilization fees as well
  • Prize money disbursed last week


Local league sponsor, BTC, has finally disbursed end of season prize money, this publication has learned. The prize money was reportedly paid out last week, it came at the perfect time as numerous Premier League clubs were starting to feel the pinch.
Information reaching this publication had suggested that some clubs that are currently experiencing financial problems, namely Gaborone United, Extension Gunners and Mochudi Centre Chiefs had not started their pre-season programs due to shortage of funds.
Players from the aforementioned clubs had reportedly refused to regularly pitch up for pre-season training until they received their outstanding wages from last season.
Clubs were initially promised that their prize money would be credited into their club accounts last month on the same day as the BTC Premiership Awards. However, the awards were postponed and a new date is yet to be set and clubs faced the prospect of waiting for the awards ceremony before getting their money.
In a previous interview with Gazette Sport, Botswana Premier League Chief Executive Officer Thabo ‘Styles’ Ntshinogang revealed that the BPL made a plea to the league’s sponsor, BTC, to release the prize money before the new date of the awards and the sponsor duly obliged.
Another report reaching this publication is that clubs were not given mobilization fees at the start of the 2017/2018 season and they are still awaiting the arrival of the fees. Mobilization fees are funds given to clubs to prepare for a forthcoming season, they are a once off payment made before the start of a new season, the fee reportedly amounts to P100 000 per club.
“We still believe the fees will arrive because that has been the standard practice here and even in South Africa,” said a source.