Former fencing president requests Ombudsman to investigate BNSC


Former Botswana Amateur Fencing Federation president Gaolatwe Modongo has reported the Botswana National Sports Council to the Office of the Ombudsman for an auction they did in 2016. Modongo believes that the BNSC did not conduct a fair auction of the commission’s cars, he feels aggrieved that only BNSC staff members were involved in the auction.
In the letter, seen by Gazette Sport, he stated that the commission took a decision to make an auction that only included members of the secretariat based in Gaborone, the auction was reportedly not open to the public. He stated that the commission is aware of many sports codes’ problems with transport but they were not catered for.
“At an annual general meeting held on the 29 November 2016, I raised the following concerns;
Normally in auctions sales employees and members of immediate family are not allowed for obvious reasons so why were staff members the only bidders. Why were cars from all centers brought to Gaborone  how were officer from those centres being Maun, Francistown,  Masunga, Molepolole facilitated to participate or was it for Gaborone officers only? What was the purpose of the sale since most of the cars were still moving and why were those moving cars not given to codes that don’t have cars? What was done to avoid collusion, whereby officers would share the cars among themselves at low prices and or some who had access to the cars would temper with them to render them unserviceable so that they can buy them at low prices?” Modongo stated in the letter written to the Ombudsman.
“In response the chairman reminded me that I was new and not familiar with policies that have been in place  and advised me to propose for an amendment of a policy if  I so feel that it no more serves the commission members. He said as a parastatal, other parastatals have better wages, so he uses those cars as incentives to motivate his staff. I found the answer most unfortunate and set out to find the policy so that I move for its removal or change. I have since been thrown from pillar to post each time I ask for such a policy from BNSC,” he continues in the letter.
Additional information reaching this publication suggests that the former BAFS leader may still forward the matter to the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture if the matter escalates.