Fresh Brands eye three-year deal for F/town Marathon

BTC has sponsored the event for P1 million in the last two years


The main organizers of the annual Francistown Marathon, Fresh Brands, have revealed that they are looking to get a new three-year sponsorship deal from title sponsors BTCL. The marathon, which was first held in 2015, with the motive of ‘lighting up the City of Francistown’ as well as its nearby villages, has went on to establish itself as one of the country’s biggest marathon races in such a short space of time, attracting athletes from different parts of the African continent.
The race has also went on in touching many lives, as several charitable organizations around the city  benefited from proceeds of the marathon. Last year, BTCL and Fresh Brands agreed to a one year sponsorship at the tune of P500 000, which was later followed by an extension of a further year that would see the local network providers continue as the main title sponsor for the 2016 edition, nonetheless the organizers say they intend on ‘pushing’ for a new three year deal.
In an interview with Gazette Sport last week, Fresh Brands Representative Ben Tobezha said this would help ensure proper continuity of the marathon.
“The sponsorship has been a year on year basis, but for the next one (2017 edition) we want to have a three year sponsorship, so there is continuity for the marathon, and to also allow us to work properly,” said Tobezha.
He revealed that they would soon be opening talks with BTCL over the proposal. “Once we have submitted the final report of this year’s marathon, we will immediately open talks for the 2017 edition, but like I said, we really want to push for a three year deal to ensure that there is sustainability of the marathon,” stated Tobezha.
BTCL’s Head of Sponsorships and Consumer Public Relations Tiro Kganela had to say the following about the Francistown Marathon;
“We are quiet excited of this opportunity of being the title sponsors of the Francistown Marathon, specifically as many might be aware that we are going through a re-branding exercise, and of course touching the lives of Batswana up north with this race.”
BTCL has sponsored the 2015 and 2016 editions for a total of P1million, while over P156 000 was donated last year to charity homes in Francistown through the BTCL foundation.