FUB Awaits BFA Meeting

  • Planned April meeting cancelled, FUB seeking talks on a new date
  • FUB urges BFA to give the long sought talks more urgency
  • BFA maintains that they have an open door policy and remain committed to safeguarding and improving players’ welfare during the COVID-19 era


The Botswana Footballers Union (FUB) has underlined its commitment to addressing players’ needs by seeking more talks with the Botswana Football Association regarding numerous issues that have plagued players during the COVID-19 era. Planned talks between the two bodies were set to take place on April 13 but the meeting was cancelled at the eleventh hour according to the players’ union.
With no competitive football for over a year, players’ wages took a huge hit with the local game unable to generate revenue. For some clubs salaries were replaced by allowances and this has brought resulted in a dark and gloomy feeling for the players.
The FUB, in response to the players’ problems, are actively seeking more talks with the BFA to address the players’ concerns. According to FUB, the previously set April 13 meeting had an agenda which would have addressed issues such as the transition of the Botswana Football League (BFL) and how the new set up works, the Collective Bargaining Agreement (which needs renewal), what nullifying the season means for the players’ contracts (especially those who had signed short-term deals and those that are set to elapse).
FUB Secretary General Kgosana Masaseng has urged the BFA to give the long sought talks more urgency after the cancelled meeting. “We are seeking talks with the BFA regarding numerous issues including the transition of the BFL, implementation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the return to play protocols. We also want to know about the state of functioning judicial structures as many players and clubs still have disputes and they all have to be resolved in order for all concerned parties to be ready for the new season. We want to know when the transfer window will be open as well as how much time the clubs will be given for pre-season preparations. There appears to be a communication mishap but we want to have another round talks. We believe that with the BFA as the regulator of all things football related and us as the players’ representatives we need to have this meeting to address a lot of issues that are hanging in the balance,” Masaseng told Gazette Sport.
For their part the BFA, through a National Executive Committee (NEC) member, told this publication that they have an open door policy and they are committed to safeguarding and improving players’ welfare during the COVID-19 era. “The said meeting was not cancelled, rather it was postponed to a date yet to be communicated as most members of the NEC have clashing schedules. Once the schedules clear up the talks will take place,” said the NEC member.