Gaborone Rifle Club is Determined to Promote Shooting Sports in Botswana

  • Will host monthly competitions in air rifle shooting, clay pigeon shotgun shooting and rifle shooting
  • Sacha Smuts, Julien Eisen, Cameron Cloete, Mikael Noble, Bonolo Mhaphi, Sabeeha Allie, Robert Pollock, Graham Pollock and Louis Cloete are winners of August Rifle Shoot


In a bid to elevate the visibility of shooting sports in Botswana and pave the way for international competition, the Gaborone Rifle Club recently hosted its second rifle competition of the year, the August Rifle Shoot.
The event is part of a carefully curated calendar of events that is organised by the club at the start of each year to foster interest and expertise in shooting disciplines.
The August Rifle Shoot saw a diverse group of participants, including 21 men, two women, and five junior competitors. This gathering of sharpshooters engaged in various disciplines within the rifle competition, showcasing their prowess and accuracy.

Smuts, Eisen
The winners were determined by their performance in their respective categories.
In the junior girls’ category, Sacha Smuts emerged as the triumphant shooter, amassing an impressive 33 points. The junior boys’ category crowned Julien Eisen as the victor for achieving a notable 32 points.
Julien was followed by Cameron Cloete with 11 points and Mikael Noble with 10 points, both exhibiting remarkable skills.
Breaking barriers and proving their mettle, the women’s category celebrated Bonolo Mhaphi as the leader with 22 points. Sabeeha Allie secured second place, showcasing her talent with 14 points.

Pollock, Cloete
Among the men, the competition was fierce, with Robert Pollock clinching the top spot by accumulating an impressive 80 points. Graham Pollock followed closely with 60 points, while Louis Cloete secured third place with a commendable score of 55 points.
“We are committed to hosting a shooting competition every month, spanning various shooting disciplines such as air rifle shooting, clay pigeon shotgun shooting, and rifle shooting,” said Mhaphi, the club’s spokesperson.
“Our objective is to shed light on the sport of shooting in Botswana, a realm that remains relatively unexplored.”

A national sport
She emphasised how the Gaborone Rifle Club harbours aspirations of propelling shooting sports to the forefront of recognition, both domestically and on the international stage.
“We envision our sport to be acknowledged and registered as a national sport in Botswana, empowering us to compete on the global arena,” Mhaphi added.
The club’s dedication to this cause underscores its ambition to showcase Botswana’s shooting talent worldwide.