Gunners in the dark over new investor

  • Initially agreed an P8 investment deal, but later reduced it to P2 million
  • Players have not been paid for over three months


After initial reports that Extension Gunners had completed their privatization talks and struck a new deal with an undisclosed investor, sources close to the Lobatse outfit have revealed that both parties have been in a tug of war regarding the contract terms.
This publication is reliably informed that the yet to be named investor had agreed a deal in principle to invest P8 million into the club, but early February this year he stated that he could only manage P6 million, as it stands the investor has reduced his proposal to P2 milion, an agreement that is still on the cards.
Sources within Gunners’ management have stated that the potential investor might be Swaziland businessman Bheki Thwala who previously held meetings with the old committee to invest in the team.
“In my term at Gunners last year a certain investor called me to inquire on the team’s financial position, but from the conversation we had he is likely to be this new investor. The newly elected committee has brought disarray to the club to the point that players have approached us to pay bills and expenses. The players have not been paid monthly allowances for over three months, which has affected their performance. At first he  (the unknown investor)agreed to bring P8 million but in April he reduced it to P6 million, now apparently the deal is P2 million,”said a source close to the club.
Irregularities in the Gunners committee have led to the dismissal of club secretary Ian Kebopetswe, Vice Chairman Cassim Dada, national secretary general Joel Brown and Alex Masie who left early April.
“Ever since the Dada family left Gunners the team has been in a horrible financial position, with little help from the Botswana Premier League. Modern football is all about spending to get success, for a club like Gunners there is no personnel to manage these expenses. Apparently there was an AGM for the Kanye branch in which the club denied that there are financial constraints assuring players that their allowances will be paid, which is really shocking”, the source revealed.
Meanwhile in an interview with Gazette Sport, newly elected Gunners lawyer Tshiamo Rantao said he is in no position to comment on the investor matter stating that the club had not communicated with him on the matter.
“At present I have received no instructions from the club to comment to the media regarding the investor deal which is on the cards. What I can say is that the ball is in Gunners’ hands so there are big decisions to be taken in the coming weeks. Once they have reached an agreement in principle with the new investor, the club will approach their respective attorneys who will finalize a new contract,” Rantao concluded.