Harrison to face the music

Harrison ignored BFA deadline


Former Township Rollers coach Mark Harrison is set to face disciplinary action from the Botswana Football Association’s   National Executive Committee (NEC) after failing to submit a formal response to the association’s queries about his questionable CAF A License course attendance. Harrison was given seven days to show ‘just cause’ why he should not face disciplinary action for unlawfully attending the Lesotho held course last year.
The BFA had questioned Harrison and former Technical Development Officer Phil Makhwengwe about an alleged cover up that went under the association’s nose, Makhwengwe responded with documents to support his case but the Briton failed to officially respond to a possible charge from the BFA.
This publication is reliably informed that the BFA will proceed with disciplinary action that is expected to be taken by the NEC. If found guilty Harrison, the BFA could write a formal complaint to CAF and UEFA notifying the top football bodies of his decision to bypass and ignore the rules in pursuit of a CAF A License.
The local association could recommend for Harrison to be banned from attaining a CAF A License anywhere else in Africa. “The Technical Director is still looking into the matter, we will act upon his findings. If we gather enough evidence to prosecute him we will follow the right procedure and a punishment will follow, mind you this will only be done if there is incriminating evidence,” explained BFA Public Relations Officer Tumo Mpatane.