Ithuteng teachers fear for health and safety of students

“Students are taught under hazardous classrooms”


Ithuteng Primary school in New Naledi, Gaborone is still reeling from the aftermath of the storms that came with cyclone Dineo at the beginning of this year, a challenge that has since raised concerns among parents and teachers about the safety of their children in the school, especially those taught in dilapidated classrooms with ceilings barely holding on.
According to the Parents and Teacher Association Chairperson, Keolebogile Moocha some of the classrooms have been in that state since the storms hit months ago and students are exposed to a hazardous environment which he says the council is dragging feet to fix.
“This is just a disaster waiting to happen. We are always on edge thinking the whole thing might collapse at any minute while the students are still in class.” he said, noting that they have had to evacuate another class and offices which were too damaged, placing students in other classes. This, he says, has further upset the student-teacher ratio as they had to increase the number of students in other classrooms to accommodate those whose classrooms were too damaged.
Some of the teachers also raised the same concern, stating that they have raised concerns to the council several times but are only told that “something will be done” all the time.
“Ever since that storm hit the conditions of some classrooms here are really not safe for the children. We keep on reporting to the council but it is taking too long to get a proper response as to what is being done to fix and situation and ensure the safety of the children,” said one of the teachers.
The teacher says they end up having to improvise some solutions, like switching off noisy flickering lights. “Some offices here are just a waste of space because they are also not in use as we have been waiting for help to come for months,” she said.