Kalavango easters tourney fails


Local volleyball giants Kalavangos intended Easters tournament failed to materialize. The tournament, which went as far as attracting international attention, with inclusion of Zimbabwean side ZRP Raidors as well top domestic sides such as Prisons, Police, Spiking Stars, Mag Stimela, Diphatsa, Kutlwano, was expected to take place during this past Easters holidays in Lobatse.
Despite many local volleyball lovers given some hope that the tournament would carry on as planned, after the withdrawal of some international clubs weeks prior to the games, this time there was little the local giant could do as teams failed to show up for the occasion without specified reasoning.
With the tournament set for both men and ladies clashes, only hosts Kalavango, Prisons and Kutlwano male sides showed up while on the female end, Kavalango ladies were left with no competition.
According to several reports the tournaments Publicity Secretary Monica Alfred could not state the clear reasons as to why teams could not graze the event, but instead mentioned that they were also yet to receive any writing from the participating teams.
The tournament was later forced to become Pre Season games for three teams. Attempts to seek more clarity from Alfred hit a snug as her line rang unanswered.