Letshwiti, Ramotlhwa at loggerheads?

  • BFA leadership had ‘clashed’ on decision making processes
  • Rumours suggest that Ramotlhwa was urged to resign
  • NEC insider quashes talks of a feud between the two


Reports reaching Gazette Sport suggest that the relationship between Botswana Football Association president Maclean Letshwiti and first vice president Segolame Ramotlhwa has hit an all time low due to differences in major decision making processes.
The two have reportedly had differences in decisions such as recruitment or appointments in key areas within the BFA, with Ramotlhwa believed to be in favour of the recruitment system where candidates of a vacant position are interviewed and reviewed before appointment while Letshwiti reportedly preferred head hunting individuals he felt were “right for any given job”.
A leaked email following a high profile appointment last year showed that the two had disagreed on one key appointment in the email, the email stated the following, “With due respect, Mr (name withheld) knows nothing about football and has nothing to offer in that position that we are aware of. The insinuation of the application of Article 41of the Constitution is a gross misinterpretation of the good intention of that Article; that Article assumes that due process has been followed and none of that has been the case in this particular instance. The position has never been advertised and we cannot be seen to be appointing our associates who do not meet the prerequisites of such a critical position. It is highly non procedural and less than ethical to do things as suggested and I cannot be party to that. In view of the foregoing, I would like to dissociate myself from such an non procedural act and will neither own nor defend it.”
Another unconfirmed rumour that reached this publication suggested that most of the National Executive Committee (NEC) felt that Letshwiti made major decisions without consulting his executive committee.
Given Ramotlhwa’s administrative experience within the BFA he reportedly felt he could provide Letshwiti with valuable advice on many issues but he had reportedly been overlooked, this according to a source, led to friction between the two.
This also led to reports that Ramotlhwa was urged to quit or face being axed, however any plans to oust Ramotlhwa would have to be seconded by the General Assembly, meaning that no sole NEC member possesses the power to oust him.
Reached for comment, a highly placed source within the NEC has quashed rumours of a feud between the two. “Any reports of a feud are greatly exaggerated, there is no personal drama between the presidents. Our committee is a professional set up like any other. There are bound to be differences in opinions or debates, the whole idea of a meeting is for everyone to voice their opinions. The president does not make any decisions alone, of course we will always have different views about a lot of things but the most important thing is how those differences are reconciled,” the NEC member told Gazette Sport.
This publication has also established that Letshwiti and Ramotlhwa recently had a one on one meeting to “iron out their differences”, the two reportedly met to make sure that they are on the same path and to clear up any misunderstandings they might have had.