Magang Promises to Restructure BVF

Gazette Reporter

Former Botswana National Sports Commission (BNSC) Vice Chairperson Tsoseletso “Tsosi” Magang has vowed to change and restructure the local volleyball identity following her candidature confirmation for the Botswana Volleyball Federation (BVF) Presidency. Magang has officially submitted her name for the BVF top position that will be determined at the elective general assembly slated for Gaborone on April 9th, 2022 where the BVF affiliates are set to elect the new executive committee that will run the federation for the next four years.
Magang who previously served as the president for a term in 2007-09 faces stiff competition from the current Vice President Technical George Kootsene who also confirmed his interest but is yet to make a final decision and the youthful Yaros Volleyball Club founder Driller Sibanda. In an exclusive interview with Gazette Sport Magang said she was inspired by her firm and wide leadership background and knowledge she acquired in different boards she served in for the past 13 years.
“I had opportunity to serve in board of different organisations as a leader and the learnings that I have picked there demonstrated to me that there is a lot that we should be doing at volleyball, but we are not. I have served in Botswana Football Association (BFA), BNSC and Botswana Open University (BOU) and I have seen how the organisations are structured and run and I thought that I could come back to volleyball and put structures and processes in place so that it is easy for us to run and put volleyball to a state that it should be. I also intend to empower and develop administrators because capacity building is something that we have ignored for the very longest time and very intentional, it is not pleasing that I find myself trying to put a team that I am going to work with and finding that I don’t even have a lot of choices when it comes to women because women’s development has been set aside in volleyball,” she said.
She further stated that she is also stimulated by her personal growth to encounter challenging moments and she is of the view that she is now in a state to lead and develop volleyball better than the previous time when she was the president. “When I was the president of volleyball at that time I was still learning because it was a norm, and it is still a norm for players to jump into leadership position without preparing and learning which is a big problem in sports. Even when I was there, I was not given much support and training on administration so now I come as a complete person, and I have seen the gaps that have been existing during my time and there are still there hence I am saying I want to assist in the growth of the sport.”
“The main thing that I would like to do is to give a total strategic direction, I want to work with people who understand my vision and goals for us to advance together and I am going to ensure that they are developed in strategic leadership and management so that we are aligned. I have also realised that we have not done well in grassroots and athletes’ development, and it is key to work with stakeholders such as Botswana Integrated Sports Association (BISA) and other structures. The other area that needs attention is how we run our competitions; we need proper direction to run like a competitive sport. Sponsors want to see well organised people in order to associate their brands. I am very clear on how we are going to market and communicate our sport and improve international performance,” Magang explained.
Meanwhile Daniel Molaodi will step down from the position of presidency after a 13 year reign at the federation. The deadline of nominations and submission of names is March 3oth 2022.