Mascom Top 8 Contract Sealed

  • Seventh season to be launched
  • Will the P1.2 million prize be increased?


The Botswana Football Association, the Botswana Premier League and Mascom Wireless have finally reached an agreement for a contract renewal and the launch of the seventh season of the coveted Mascom Top 8 tournament.
All parties had been locked in negotiations for months but it was always an open secret that a contract renewal would be signed. A possible three year deal will be announced at the launch of the tournamnet.
In June the BPL had publicly stated that they were in advanced talks with Mascom but an agreement appeared nowhere in sight.
The first league draft fixtures had not included Mascom Top 8 dates and there were fears that the tournament would not be staged, the delay of the BTC Premiership also appeared to have an effect on the Mascom Top 8 deal.
Sources had claimed that Mascom was playing a “waiting game” to see how the BTC deal unfolds before committing to a new contract. Despite the rumours Mascom and the BPL have always had a fruitful and cordial relationship.
Mascom hinted the news of a contract renewal by announcing the launch of the new season of the tournament, the launch will be held on Friday. The launch will reveal the length of the new contract as well as whether or not the prize money will be increased, the current prize for the cup winners is P1.2 million.