Morupule B fails ahead of surge in winter demand

Botswana is battling to repair its troubled 600MW power station before a surge in power demand during winter, its power supplier said on Wednesday.
Built by China National Electric Engineering Company at a cost of $970m, the power station was commissioned in 2012, but has often broken down due, leading to reliance on diesel generators and imports from neighbouring SA.
Botswana Power Corporation said in a statement that demand was expected to rise from the current 530MW to a projected 669MW during winter (June to August).
Only two of the four units were operational, producing 260MW, the company said, adding that it was hoping to have all the units restored at the earliest possible time.
The power utility projects that it will import 190MW. Botswana’s power generation stands at 479 MW.
Botswana is currently weighing an option to sell the troubled 600MW power plant back to its Chinese developers, but a decision has not yet been taken.

Pic: Carter Morupisi