New Gunners leadership tasked with solving pending court case

  • Tariq Babitseng inherits Gunners’ court battle with Daniel ‘Chicco’ Nare
  • New leadership willing to meet Chicco to discuss payment plan


The new Extension Gunners leadership which will be led by former Botswana Football Association administrator Tariq Babitseng, has inherited the club’s ongoing battle with former coach Daniel ‘Chicco’ Nare over an amount he loaned the club in 2016.
Nare is reportedly owed P150 000 by the Peleng giants, the matter is currently before the courts and rumours are rife that Nare’s representative are seeking a default judgement after the club’s previous executive committee did not respond to Nare and his lawyers.
The former Gunners coach loaned the club P150 000 in two parts, first handing them P100 000 on March 17 and P50 000 in April according to a close source. The money was reportedly loaned to the club to pay players’ salaries at the time, an agreement was made for the club to pay back the money with an interest of 30 percent. Nare has now cancelled the interest and he is seeking only P150 000, claims the source.
Nare, according to the source, was open to the idea of a payment plan in the past two years and suggested to be paid P10 000 per month until the debt had been cleared but the previous management team at Gunners did not find time to meet with Nare’s lawyer.
The previous management attempted to negotiate with Nare via telephone to drop the case and negotiate an out of court settlement but the plea was rejected as they reportedly never followed up by requesting a meeting with him.
Gunners’ newly elected chairman, Babitseng, has already been informed about the pending case and unconfirmed reports indicate that he could schedule a meeting with Nare and his lawyer to discuss a possible payment plan. Efforts to reach Babitseng were unsuccessful as his phone rang unanswered, this publication also tried to reach Nare but he refused to comment on the matter.