Roscoe Bonna Valuers Blitz Chess Championship Returns

  • Generous P10K sponsorship ensures good prizes for players
  • Large spectator crowd points to much enthusiasm for chess


The Roscoe Bonna Valuers Blitz Chess Championship marked a triumphant return last weekend at the University of Botswana after a brief hiatus.

The event, hosted by the Botswana Chess Federation (BCF) with a generous P10,000 sponsorship from Roscoe Bonna Valuers, drew a large crowd of chess enthusiasts and players, underscoring the enduring popularity of the sport in Botswana.

The last sponsorship from Roscoe Bonna Valuers was in 2019 with a P8,000 contribution.

Bright future 

The relationship between the property valuation firm and the BCF began in the early 2000s and flourished until 2019, hence the renewed support is a significant and welcome boost for the championship.

In his opening remarks, the Director of Roscoe Bonna Valuers, Roscoe Bonna, expressed his gratitude for the impressive turnout. “The number of participants is a clear indication that chess still has a bright future in Botswana,” he said.

He encouraged the players to be “game changers” in their lives, highlighting how chess enhances critical thinking and life skills. Bonna emphasised the importance of young children participating in chess tournaments because such involvement could help them become better citizens.

Fierce competition

In her welcome address, the Treasurer of BCF, Masego Motlotle, extended the organisation’s gratitude to Roscoe Bonna for the invaluable contribution.

“This event became possible through your commitment,” she stated, acknowledging the firm’s long-standing support.

The tournament, open to all participants regardless of gender, was characterised by fierce competition. Oratile Kgotlane emerged victorious, earning a trophy, a gold medal, and P2,000.

Selogelo Othata secured second place, winning a silver medal and P2,000. Both players achieved nine points out of a possible 11.

Maya Otimile and Laone Moshoboro

Monnaatsheko Keletshabile claimed third place with 8.5 points, winning P750 and a bronze medal. Pudungwane Lesole and Gofaone Kobe finished in fourth and fifth places respectively, each receiving P750.

In the women’s category, Maya Otimile and Laone Moshoboro were recognised as the best female players, each scoring seven points and pocketing P625.

In the Under-18 Boys category, Thuto Mpene secured the top spot, winning P400. Toor Qudsia Abrar triumphed in the Under 18 Girls category, also winning P400 after securing six points.

More than a game

The successful return of the Roscoe Bonna Valuers Blitz Chess Championship has rekindled enthusiasm for chess in Botswana.

The event highlighted the importance of community support and corporate sponsorship in nurturing young talent and fostering a vibrant chess culture.

As Bonna aptly put it, “Chess is more than a game; it is a critical tool for developing young minds and shaping future leaders.”