Seetso is Bristling with Confidence ahead of his Grand Slam Debut

  • He dominated J5 World Tour in Gabs last weekend
  • His aim is the Top 100 in world rankings
  • Currently ranked Number 12 in Africa


Botswana’s top seed Denzel Seetso is only a few miles from making a debut in the world junior grand slam tournament following his brilliant performance at the recent International Tennis Federation (ITF) J5 World Tennis Tour tournament held in Botswana.
Seetso dominated the entire tournament where junior players across the world convened at the national tennis centre in Gaborone last weekend.

Seetso clinched his third junior world title this year following his impressive run in Pretoria and Gaborone early this year.

The J4 and J5 world tour tennis tournaments offer players from all over the world a platform to earn points that can eventually usher them into the top 100 in world rankings.

Won the J4 tourney
Seetso recently won the J4 tournament which pitched players from across, including France, the USA and Australia, the world against one another. He earned enough points to qualify him for a world grade 2 series which carries more points than J4 and J5 tournaments.

Botswana’s rising tennis star will depart for Egypt next week where he aims to better his rankings to number 180 from the current 200. Seetso is currently ranked number 12 in Africa.

In a recent interview with Gazette Sport, Seetso said his main aim is to break into the Top 100 in world rankings so he can play in grand slam tournaments, which is every junior player’s ultimate goal.

“With only a few months left to the end of year, I have to work hard and earn more points that will leapfrog me into the top 100 for me to qualify for next year’s Australian Junior grand slam,” he said.

“I am happy that I have been upgraded into the grade 2 series tournament which, unlike the J4 and the J5, carries more points. What all this means is that I must work hard.

Hopes for injury-free run
“I have always worked hard, but my progress has been slowed by injuries that have forced me to take breaks during the season. I believe that this time I will be able to carry on without any serious injuries.”

He knows no shortage of well-wishers. At Botswana Tennis Association (BTA), the president Oaitse Thipe says they are confident that Seetso will break into the top 100 by the end of this year to become the first Motswana to play in the Junior Grand Slam tournament.

“We are very happy with Seetso’s progress,” Thipe told Gazette Sport. “The boy has been working very hard and we are sure that he will make it to the grand slam. He has been dominating the junior tournaments and is now set for a litmus test in Egypt where he will meet other strong opponents from across the world who are also aiming for the top 100 in the world.

“Seetso has really progressed well in terms of being injury-free for the longest time this year and we hope he won’t encounter any setbacks along the way because he is very close to achieving his goals.”