Serufho commends HAB growth


Botswana National Olympic Committee (BNOC) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tuelo Serufho has commended the growth of Handball Botswana as they target to make handball a leading sport in the country. A total of 23 (16 men and 6 ladies mostly teachers) coaches were awarded their first level of coaching certificates, following the completion the phase 1 coaching clinic training.
Speaking at the closing ceremony of the coaching clinic last week Friday in Gaborone, Serufho applauded Handball Botswana for their achievements.
“I am excited to be part of this ceremony. We are happy that there is development in an olympic sports. We have in the past had only three sporting codes representing us at the summer Olympics, and now what this does is that there are now possibilities of a team sport qualifying for the Olympics,” said Serufho.
The BNOC boss also said such developments create a room for people to try out the sport.
“It has been proven that, if our youngsters remain idle they are more often, tempted to engaging in wrong doings, but this now creates a room for many of them to try it out whilst keeping them busy,” he added.
“We would like coaches to spread the word and give an opportunity to everyone interested in this sport. Remember, as you will be going to look out for sponsors and try create new clubs, know that it is not easy out there but those who will preserve will succeed,” he rounded off.
Local instructor Dali Wal Singh also heaped a word of encouragement to the coaches. “Today we finish the course but now your work starts for you as leaders and manager, be happy with what you have achieved. Our duty was to prepare you for the future, and now the time has come,” said Singh
“One course is not enough, and I wish you and attend more coaching courses, to our duty is to prepare you for the future, what you have learned,” he ended. The country is still without any handball national side.