Still No Sponsor In Sight For Volleyball

BVF hazards the idea of govt sponsoring codes for which sponsors are reluctant


Securing sponsorship deals for both the volleyball league and tournaments is still a mountain to climb for Botswana Volleyball Federation (BVF), Gazette Sport can reveal.
The BVF national league is currently suspended after their union with Mascom elapsed and was not renewed at the end of 2018. The Daniel Molaodi-led federation is facing the same predicament in cup competitions for which there is also no one is coming forward to sponsor their tournaments. JB Sports was one of their sponsors for tournaments in the recent years.

According to Molaodi, this year is the same as last year in the absence of sponsors for both the league and tournaments. “But we won’t not despair because someone out there will hear out our cry,” the BVF president said. “We have engaged some people to help us look for sponsors because it looks like we are not doing something right.”

Asked if they cannot organise the league with no prize money so as to keep the players active, Molaodi responded: “That one is based on the players and the clubs. If they want to do that, we will not stop them. But I doubt that they can agree to do that because they would be spending money without getting anything in return.”

Molaodi hazarded the idea of the government sponsoring the leagues of sporting codes that find it hard to secure sponsorships. “That is what is done in South Africa,” he asserted. The government sponsors the netball and volleyball leagues. So I think it can work for us here.”