Systems happy to count on Chikomo


Security Systems coach Daniel ‘Chicco’ Nare has stated that he is happy to count on Ronald Chikomo despite the “unfair treatment” he gets from match officials, which always leaves the player in danger of being cautioned or sent off many times.
Chikomo was unavailable for Systems in the first few games of the season due to work permit delays, the club was not happy about the delay given the fact that the player has been plying his trade in Botswana for more than a decade.
“His experience will help us a lot, he is a fighter who gives his all in every game he plays. Apart from his fighting spirit he can offer us a lot in terms of goals and improving our attack, he is striker who can play in any system but I like him more as a supporting striker. In the game against Police he came in as a substitute, he gave us a fighting chance, he was unlucky not to score, he created a lot of chances for us. Against Gunners he was even more effective, he started the game well, winning the ball back and helping out defensively. He provided an assist for the first goal for Thapelo Tlabakwe, he was also involved in the second goal as his pass hit a Gunners defender’s hand, this resulted in a penalty which was scored by Tlabakwe,” Nare stated.
The coach also revealed that he feels the player is misunderstood and that his passion often draws the ire of referees. “Referees often give him a hard time, he is a passionate guy who will never give up on the ball, he always wants to win back possession but every time he goes for a 50-50 tackle or a shoulder to shoulder tackle he gets a yellow card. The yellow card he received against Police XI was a bit unfair but we hope everything will be better from now onwards,” Nare concluded.
Chikomo is one of the league’s most decorated foreign players he won multiple trophies with Gaborone United and Orapa United. Systems hope to benefit from his experience in a bid to preserve their Premier League status.