Jagdish Shah’s imminent resignation has brought internal squabbles into sharp relief


Township Rollers Football Club will convene a special general meeting in Gaborone this Saturday in an effort to resolve a crisis that has beset the club.
The crisis became crystallised after investor and president of the club, Jagdish Shah, indicated his intention to resign from Township Rollers at the end of May this year, apparently because of internal squabbles.

Emergency meeting
Township Rollers spokesman Phempheretlhe Pheto has confirmed to Gazette Sports that the club, which boasts 63 branches countywide, has invited supporters from across Botswana to discuss the resignation of Shah and its implications and adopt resolutions.
“We have 63 branches all over the country and each and every year they renew their membership,” Pheto explained. “Where there are meetings, only eligible branches are allowed to attend by sending delegates.”
Rollers faithfuls have in recent weeks called for the ousting of club CEO Bennett Mamelodi for allegedly weakening the fortunes of Township Rollers through his poor recruitment policy.

Hydration sponsor
In a press release dated 3 March, Township Rollers hydration sponsor O3 said it had taken note of the looming resignation of Shah and that the company would review its sponsorship of Rollers and relationship with the club before the beginning of the next season.
Pheto has dismissed suggestions that some sponsors could be on their way out because of ongoing squabbles and imminent resignation of Shah from the club.
“03 has never come to us or written any official correspondence to the club citing any displeasure,” he said. “As far as we are concerned, we have a running contract with the company. If there are any issues, they will address them via right channels.”

Confident and hopeful
He added that they are confident that the club will not lose any sponsor on account of Shah’s departure because the sponsors committed themselves to the club and not to an individual.
“We could have easily taken a resolution as the Executive Committee but we instead agreed to engage Township Rollers supporters for them to decide as the club’s owners,” he said. “We are hopeful of better resolutions.”
Shah was appointed club president in 2016, taking over from Dickson Gabanakgosi.