WASBO, SMA Lead Charge to Prioritise Safety in Sports

Twofold webinar goal: to accentuate the imperative nature of safeguarding in sports and to foster an environment that is safe and nurturing for all participants.




Women and Sports Botswana (WASBO), in collaboration with Sport Management Agency (SMA), recently orchestrated a pivotal virtual gathering titled “Guardians of the Game: Safeguarding Reporting, Responses & Referrals in Sport.”


The event, convened recently with national sports associations, athletes and other stakeholders, served as a clarion call to underscore the paramount importance of safety within the realm of sports.


According to the Chairperson of WASBO, Keenese Katisenge-Tizhani, the objective of the webinar was twofold: to accentuate the imperative nature of safeguarding in sports and to foster an environment that is safe and nurturing for all participants.




In a telephone interview with this publication, Katisenge-Tizhani emphasised the significance of the occasion.


“The panel discussion was led by experienced safeguarding experts, including Galeboe Gaboeme, a stalwart sports administrator in football renowned for her unwavering commitment to the welfare of young players,” she said.


The discourse was further enriched by the insights of Malebo Raditladi-Nkgakile, who is a certified International Olympic Committee Safeguarding Officer in Sports, and seasoned sports management professional, Tracy Chaba-Disang, a distinguished volleyball player with a stellar career spanning both national and international arenas, and Anita Rannoba, an esteemed journalist and executive council member for the Young African Leaders Forum.


Reporting mechanisms


Katisenge-Tizhani underscored the thematic focal points of the event, thus: “The significance of reporting mechanisms for safeguarding concerns, the necessity for appropriate responses to safeguarding issues, and the crucial aspect of referrals to pertinent authorities for further action were paramount.”


She iterated that through the sharing of knowledge and experiences, participants exhibited an unwavering commitment to fostering a safer and more inclusive sporting environment for all.


The resounding success of the webinar has laid the groundwork for forthcoming online and physical safeguarding workshops to be spearheaded by WASBO and its partners.


Safety and inclusivity


Katisenge-Tizhani underscored the resolute dedication of the participants to cultivating an environment that prioritises safety and inclusivity, heralding a promising trajectory for future endeavours in safeguarding within the sports arena.


“It is our fervent hope that the momentum generated by this gathering will continue to propel efforts towards instilling a culture of safety and positivity within the sports community,” she said.


“By fostering collaboration and sharing insights, the sports industry can persist in its endeavor to create an environment that is safe and welcoming for all participants, with safeguarding standing as a cornerstone of our collective ethos.”


The webinar, serving as a catalyst for forthcoming actions and initiatives, aimed at fortifying safeguarding measures in sports, embodies a unified endeavour to safeguard the well-being and integrity of all individuals engaged in sporting activities.