• BAA to receive P800 000 from PUMA every year
  • Winning athletes to receive undisclosed amount of money


Botswana Athletics Association (BAA) has inked a significant contract with PUMA, the renowned German multinational corporation that specialises in sports and casual footwear, apparel, and accessories.

The newly-formed partnership designates PUMA as BAA’s technical sponsor, effectively replacing the organisation’s prior affiliation with American athletic footwear and apparel giant, Nike.

The agreement spans from this year through 2028, marking a promising era for Botswana’s sporting scene.


Running spikes, kits and track suits
The pact encompasses a range of benefits for BAA, including provision of various merchandise such as running spikes, kits and track suits.

“From now until 2028, our athletes and administrators will exclusively sport PUMA gear at international competitions,” said an elated BAA vice president, Oabona Theetso, in a phone interview.

But he had to clarify implications of this for athletes with endorsement contracts with Nike, among them Letsile Tebogo and Leungo Scotch. “They are not compelled to wear all PUMA when representing the national team,” Theetso said.

“Athletes with existing endorsements from other sportswear brands will wear only the running and hospitality kits provided to us by PUMA, which is basically the national team wear.

Financial aspect
“However, for footwear such as running spikes, flip flops and sneakers, they will align with their endorsement commitments. Athletes without existing deals will be outfitted entirely in PUMA attire when representing the national team.”

As it emerged, monetary considerations are also a pivotal aspect of the PUMA partnership. “Indeed, there is a financial facet to this arrangement,” Theetso confirmed. “BAA will receive an annual contribution of 60,000 euros, which is approximately P800,000, from PUMA throughout the contract’s duration.

“Additionally, in instances where our athletes win medals at the Olympics and World Athletics Championships – exclusively at the senior level – both BAA and the victorious athlete will be granted undisclosed financial rewards by PUMA.”


Budapest ’23
The upcoming 2023 World Athletics Championships, the 19th iteration of this prestigious event, will be Botswana’s first occasion to test this new collaboration.

Scheduled for 19 to 27 August at the esteemed National Athletics Centre in Budapest, Hungary the championship will see Botswana represented by a contingent of seven athletes, including the men’s 4x400m relay team.

Notable individual participants include Tebogo (100m and 200m), Scotch (400m), Ndori (400m), Kebinatshipi (400m), and Masalela (800m). In the women’s division, Botswana will field Naledi Lopang (400m) and Oratile Nowe (800m).