Album: Motswaiso Artist: Greedy Reviewed by Modiri Mogende

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His name is Greedy, in a music genre that has depicted and glorifi ed money greed, one would deem it ironic. The truth is that the name and the raps are a contrast. This new rapper is a breath of semiconscious air to the hip hop game. His new offer, Makepampiri Presents Greedy Motswaiso is a good listen. The content is alive with subject matter and not just self righteous embedment that has come to define hip hop today.


The contrast is also presented in Greedy’s effective use ofSetswana throughout the 11 track compilation. It begs to argue, is Motswako growing beyond just a hip hop sub-genre?This album will entice the real ‘motswako heads’, looking to get out a story and picture painted through words. It is not a push line riddled album, but has a consistent Setswana story to tell. The lead single Selemela does stand out at fi rst listen, but on repeat, you’ll discover Pelo Yame and Lefi ka la Lentswe as descent tracks.


As he could not afford to miss out on the dance floor hype, Dirty Countin money is a club banger. Selemela has been doing very well on the charts spending a good few weeks tops of the Yarona FM Mascom top 20 and going up and down the RB2 top 40. All said and done, the 19- year old rapper has put forward a fairly good fi rst attempt, it is however a victim of circumstances in Botswana as the packaging itself is not one to salivate over. The sleeve is on the armature side, defacing a good product.