Bankers Body Donates 25 Armoured Vehicles To Police

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Commissioners calls donation “a substantial step towards reducing cash heists and


The Bankers Association of Botswana has donated 25 armoured vehicles to Botswana Police Service for use in escorting cash-in-transit vehicles and related operations, the Acting Commissioner of Police, Phemelo Ramakorwane, has disclosed.
Speaking before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) this week, Ramakorwane said the move is aimed at bolstering security and addressing taxpayer concerns about use of public resources to safeguard private businesses when the police escort cash-in-transit vehicles from banks to different destinations and general police operations around such facilities.
He described the donation as “a substantial step towards reducing cash heists and robberies”. Even so, Commissioner Ramakorwane said there is a noticeable decrease in reported cases of cash heists but emphasised the need for continued vigilance by law enforcement agencies.
He urged professionalisation of private security services to enhance overall security and streamline their collaboration with law enforcement.

“By having well-trained and professional private security personnel, the police force would function as an additional layer of protection rather than bearing the primary responsibility for safeguarding cash-in-transit operations,” he pointed out.
While concerns about the unsustainability of police involvement in cash-in-transit operations has grown, the government has always maintained that security is paramount to attracting potential investors to the country.
But it is believed that with the armoured vehicles for use in tackling cash heists and other crimes by armed robbers head-on, the police will be able to reduce the scourge that has come close to threatening the nation’s economic stability.