COVID-19 ‘innovates’ the drive-through baby shower

It’s another positive spin-off from the scourge to welcome new life without physical contact with the soon-to-be mom as COVID-19 itself becomes the mother of invention


The latest trend brought on by the novel Coronavirus is the drive-through baby shower that local events companies have also embraced. This baby shower trend lets an expecting couple or mother celebrate with their loved ones while maintaining the safety measures of social distancing.

Event organizer Phatsimo Mashumba of Tsitsi’s Events has also taken on this trend that is a new take on the traditional shower that will see family and friends coming together to celebrate with their loved one. “The events business is among the hardest hit by the virus and we had to think outside the box in order to survive,” she said in an interview.

“The events company is my bread and butter and it’s almost six months of no work because all events were cancelled and gatherings are prohibited. I went online and looked for ideas that I could use to expand my product offering and was inspired to offer this new service that many people are now embracing since I launched it to my clients.”

Explaining the new drive-through baby shower, Mashumba said her role as the event planner is to set the mood for the drive through while ensuring health protocols are in place. Even though this is optional, the mom-to-be can go all out by decorating the front of the yard, wear her party dress, sit on the front porch sipping on a ‘mocktail’ while guests drive by. Guests may have their cars in parade-style to share their love and drop their gifts without coming into physical contact with the expecting mom. Beforehand and all the while Mashumba will ensure that the sanitizer, thermometer and register for everyone’s reassurance and convenience are in place.

“The expectant mom can decide to prepare thank-you gift bags for the guests or takeaway packs because we are not allowed to serve food,” she explained. “Guests are advised to be creative when they drop by either playing the host’s favourite music or reciting poems and sharing messages.

“This is an inventive way to spring out of the need for social distancing because most moms are still reeling from the disappointment of having to cancel their event. But just because they won’t be having the shower they originally envisioned does not mean they can’t celebrate at all. This concept could also be used for birthday parties and other occasions.”

This ‘new normal’ has also compelled expecting mothers to host virtual baby showers where everyone shares in the excitement of a new baby on online platforms such as Zoom and Google hangouts.