Independence Avenue road to close for Fashion

The independence Avenue road is one of the most sentimental roadways in the city, the history engraved in this street is known only by a few who have witnessed the days leading to independence. The Roman Catholic Church which dates as far back as the 50’s, the National Museum are all along that road leading to Gaborone’s Old suburb and they are the two known structures that existed alongside the Main Mall at the time. This is the roadway that will be temporarily closed on the 26th of September, 4 days leading to independence to celebrate Botswana Fashion.

Gorata Mubu, Vice Chairperson of the Botswana Fashion Designers Association who is also the Fashion Coordinator in the Independence Celebrations Fashion category revealed in an interview with Time Out that a fashion show has been set for the 26th of September to celebrate Botswana Fashion. She revealed that different designers from all over Botswana will get a chance to showcase their collections and among them, Botho Chalegbwa, Mummie Molapo, Aobakwe Molosiwa, 2014 president’s day winner in the fashion category and many others. Mubu expressed that the show will be exclusive to Batswana. “This independence fashion show is part of the Independence Day celebrations and we are happy that for the first time fashion has been included in the celebrations and we have been given a platform to show our capabilities. This is our chance to show how far we have come in the fashion industry that’s why we are restricting it to Batswana,” she said.

Chairperson of the Botswana Fashion Designers Association Gregory Lebekwe also added, “Closing a street like independence Avenue is something special and that on its own markets the show. Model auditions for the Southern region were held at The Little Theater at the National Museum from 9am until 6pm this past Friday while for the Northern region, auditions were held at Nhabe Museum in Francistown.” Lebekwe further mentioned that as an effort to promote those who are upcoming in the industry, they will be using trainee makeup artists from Gaborone Technical College.

Mubu also expressed that besides the fashion show they hope to have exhibition stalls at the venue and she appealed to all interested jewelry designers, shoe makers, seamstresses and dress makes to contact the Ministry of Sports Youth and Culture and take part in this event. The fashion show will start at 630pm along the Independence avenue road and the show will be free to all.