Jujuboy changes artistic direction

With his latest song, he explores international pop sound with vernacular lyrics


Local artist Kgotla Jujuboy Ntsima says with the release of his latest single titled MothoOblaaMotho, he has changed his artistic direction to explore international pop sound with vernacular lyrics.
Jujuboy says he wanted to explore different ideas of expressing himself in the new song which is currently enjoying airplay in local radio stations.
“I have been listening to a lot of Indie Pop, and have been inspired by artists who do pop music in their own language. My favorite at the moment is Christine and The Queens. It has got that familiar pop sound but is unapologetically French.” he said, adding that the music really helped him figure his new artistic direction.
From the beginning of his music career Jujuboy has made it clear that he was always going to experiment with different sounds. “As an artist it’s inevitable that I’m going to want to explore different ideas, both musically and the way I look…this year I want to do pop music to the best of my ability,” he said.
MothoOblaaMotho, he said, was a playful look at an age old dynamic between couples. “It’s about a girl who leads a guy on, teases him when it suits her and then retreats when the guy feels like they are getting close,” he explained.
With this new sound, he says he wanted to show his audience art that comes from a genuine place and that he has learnt that trying different gimmicks to try and capture the audience’s attention does not have longevity,  “I’m not attention hungry, I just want to make music for people who appreciate my kind of sound and content,” the Hurt Me hit maker said.
Last month Jujuboy was selected among the individual’s who have captured Botswana’s imagination and helped make the country better with their work at a photo Exhibition at the Grand Palm Hotel. “I’m a strong believer in national pride and nation building, and I will continue to try and inspire and contribute positively with both my work and my opinions,” he adds.
Jujuboy, who says he has a lot to say after his music hiatus, says he is planning to release an album: “I stayed away so long that I finally have a lot to say, and I’m back enjoying the craft like I used to in the beginning. I’m in the right mood to create,” he said.