Music for special needs kids

Medical experts have often alluded to the belief that children with special needs tend to be inclined towards music. Tafadzwa Madede holds a diploma in music education and has taught music at primary school level. He has since traded his academic profession to give private music lessons to the public, mostly children, of which he offers special classes for those with conditions mentioned above. “I have dealt with for instance a kid who had difficulty holding a pen,” Tafadzwa says. “The kid was going for physiotherapy because his hands couldn’t move, but he was a very intelligent kid, so the parents brought him for the piano lessons because music is a huge stimulant in the development of the brain and playing a piano requires usage of both the left and right side of the brain, also helping with general motor skills,” Tafadzwa explained.

As he explains, music, like Setswana or English is a language, and while some children will have a hard time expressing their needs the normal way, music can be a form of expression for some and it may be a better option than trying to teach them communication skills in conventional methods.”The brain is a complicated thing and you never know what will stimulate it, and as long as it is functioning the body can learn a new function,” said Tafadzwa.

Madede says that some parents have opted for piano lessons as a substitute for therapy sessions with doctors, not only because of its positive effects but because it is not as costly. The sessions are held by appointment at the client’s home, once a week for 3 months during school terms.